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Brother Enoch Witnesses about the First-hand Experience He had Faced with His Niece Dying from the Poison Jab with whom He Warned about The Jab Prior to Her Demise.

YouTube and Their Perverted Team Banned This Video Because of the Truth being Presented, and For Not Upholding their Lies That Were Exposed by them Using The Perverted WHO as Their Guideline god of Lies !!! God Bless my Friends.

Also here is The Appeal I knew would be Rejected that was sent in Response to their so-called Strike.

Absolutely ZERO Misinformation on this Video. The Mans Niece took the Poison Vaccine as was Dead within a Day. Maybe you can Contact her family and the Literal Thousands of Others that Died from The Vaccine, and talk to them about youtube’s Perverted Backing of the Lies that have been Spread about Covid 19 and the Scam by the pharmaceutical Companies making billions of Dollars on the Deaths of the Worlds Population.

It Really doesn’t Matter though How The youtube Team Governs their abominable Lies, You All will Give an Account At the Reality of The GREAT WHITE THRONE JUDGMENT in the End, PERIOD. And Then You All will Recieve Your FINAL STRIKE in The Lake of FIRE. No Medical Misinformation here, Just Pure Truth that will be Fulfilled !!!


Romans 12:12  Rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulation; continuing instant in prayer;

NO Pre-Trib Rapture in Scriptures ANYWHERE

Another Message in Edifying the Body of Jesus Christ Throughout The World !! Be blessed and Strengthened brothers & sisters is our Prayer.

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Continue to Pray one for another Always, Amen & Amen


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