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Proverbs 11:9 An HYPOCRITE with His Mouth Destroyeth His Neighbour: Just like ralph does when he talks about The brothers and Sisters at the river!!! { And Others } But Through Knowledge shall the Just Be Delivered.

May Almighty God Through His Son Jesus The Christ deliver you from All wicked men like False brother ralph stair is my prayer in The Stong and Glorious name of Jesus,


This is Part 2 in the series.  Other videos in this series:

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1 thought on “False Brother Stair ~ The LYING HYPOCRITE ~ Continued

  1. Hello, this is Frank from youtube. I always wondered when Ralph would clock out. Have you heard anything about those remaining in the Walterboro and Henrietta communities since Ralph’s ticket was punched? Also I noticed Baker and his Mackville, KY group (The Upper Room) no longer appear on that overcomer website. Did Baker and his community part company with Stair or were they just cut off for not conforming?

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