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2 Thessalonians 2:11 And For This Cause God Has Sent Them STRONG Delusion, That They Should Believe a Lie:

12 That They ALL Might Be Damned WHO BELIEVED NOT THE TRUTH, But Had PLEASURE in Unrighteousness.

Extremely Clear What God Did with Ralph ~Rose~Dennis & James Rice with The PRESENT TRUTH of God’s Pure Word and Scriptures of Truth !!!

More to come soon on This Profound Delusion at the Overcomer Ministry !!

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1 thought on “God Has Sent Them Strong Delusion, That THEY Should Believe a Lie;

  1. Hello Brother Stan, thankyou for emailing me several weeks ago. Since then, I have followed your instructions. I have been listening to these episodes. I am also reading stair’s deposition from the rgstair website. This guy is insane. He is such a fraud. I can’t believe the ‘church’ down there is still functioning. Who would give them any money? And of course the person who really upsets me the most is the Cochita Burgess (sp?) freaky lady “loudmouth” as you refer to her. Good grief, she is nuts! How was she such a supporter of stair and none of his predictions came true but she still is enamored with James Rice now! What a bunch of freaks! You have exposed them! Good for you. I continue to listen to your current episodes and your old episodes. Thankyou for all of your efforts. sincerely, pete

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