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Again in Many Scriptures Like Jeremiah 23 and Ezekiel the Overcomer Ministry with False Witness Rg Stair and James Rice have Truly PERVERTED the Word’s of The LIVING God !!!

It is a Fearful Thing to Fall into The Hands of the Living God !!!


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1 thought on “Jeremiah 23:36 For Ye Have Perverted The Words of The Living God

  1. He didn’t know what ANY of the Thunders were – before the fact. Isn’t that opposite of how a prophet works? [Plus they were NOT what the Thunders said]

    His teaching that is used to justify his whole purpose for being “God will do nothing without first revealing the thing to His servant the prophet” makes his perversion of the Thunders a paradox. The Thunders had to be revealed (apparently) but they took place before they were revealed. How can that be RG when they weren’t yet revealed? It looks like someone missed the memo on that one – among others.

    The reason RG boasted up Sister Burges is that her presence helped his rape cases – because he raped her daughter.

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