Last Updated on July 28, 2021


Praise God That Jesus will come in Time and on Time in The Year of Jubilee brothers & sisters !!! BUT its not This year ~ 2021 PERIOD. He Will Come According to His Own Word’s, After The Tribulation of Those Days. We have not Even Entered THOSE days Yet. But According to The LYING Wonder False witness and False brother Rg Stair the Resurrection is to take Place around the Beginning of August 2021 and Jesus is coming Within 6 months of Ralph’s Death. Ralph also Said Jesus was Coming this Feast of Trumpets because God Told him ” when All the Feast days line up in September ~ Jesus would come That Year. The next few Weeks will surely Prove out the LIES ~ Perversion and Distortion Rg Stair had been doing for YEARS with The Very Word of The LORD ~ Just By the Very Word of God They are Already Proven to be Profound Delusional Lies Sent from God because They Had PLEASURE in Unrighteousness !!! God Bless Saint’s !!!

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