Last Updated on August 6, 2021


Many Many Times as We all heard False Witness brother Rg Stair Proclaim and Speak so Vehemently about ” GOD Told Me Things “, Going to the Pope of Rome was to be HIS Final Trip and His Death According to what “God Told Him ” right Along with Jesus is Coming Within 6 Months of My Death. Time will Ultimately Seal this Liar’s Life & Death as we already have seen Numerous Lies that “God Told Me ” he Often Said. WE are going to be more Comprehensive with Intensity with these messages as Time goes on. Not only with false brethren like Rg stair but with present Truth for This Present Time. God Bless brothers & sisters ~ Jesus The Christ is Coming but Not This Year ! Amen & Amen ! Even so ” Come Lord Jesus ” MARANATHA !!!


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