Last Updated on June 7, 2022


Ralph Gordon Stair Began Prophesying about Ronald Reagan’s Death Starting in 1986 & Beyond !!!

When His First Proclamation in 1986 Didn’t Come to Pass As You Will Clearly HEAR by his Own Lying Tongue,

He Continued to ALTER the Time of His Great Revelations From God that He Continued To ALWAYS say ” GOD TOLD ME “, or ” The Lord SPOKE to Me “.

In Which all these ” God Told Me Events ” Truly Came to Pass in Ezekiel 13: 1-9 as You will hear The Word of the Lord God gave for All men like False Witness Rg stair !!!

The Final Witness on Bitchute

The Final Witness on Brighteon

The Final Witness on YouTube

Truth Blaster on YouTube

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