Last Updated on April 1, 2022


Another message in the Series of ” The Death of The Testator ” !

Truly Amazing How People Think That Their Lies are Just Ignored by God as They Lie Upon Lie and ADD Perversion to Perversion !! As Rg Stair did throughout his Entire life.

Have Truly Never seen More Rhetoric and Lip service by One Man Ever.

James Rice is Following in Lockstep with The Delusions of Ralph Also as You will Hear Again How Mr. James Said Ralph Talked About The Pope BUT Would Not Say What Ralph ACTUALLY said For over 25 Years ABOUT His FINAL VISIT As GOD TOLD HIM Would Be. What God Tells Anyone Things That Never Come To Pass ?


The Final Witness on Bitchute

The Final Witness on Brighteon

The Final Witness on Rumble

The Final Witness on YouTube

Truth Blaster on YouTube


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