Last Updated on April 10, 2023


False Witness & False brother Ralph Gordon Stair already has Faced the Reality of His Consequences for His Blatatnt Perversion of Truth and is in HELL Now for The Consequences of His Perversion of TRUTH !!! .

Time will Tell when Ole James Rice and Company Face Their Consequences or Any one Else that Believes Not The Truth


The Final Witness on YouTube

Truth Blaster on YouTube

The Final Witness on Bitchute

The Final Witness on Brighteon

The Final Witness on Rumble

The Final Witness on Onevsp


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2 thoughts on “TRUTH or CONSEQUENCES

  1. It’s great to see another podcast exposing Ralph Stair by Brother Stan!!!! He has not done one in a while. I am looking forward to listening to this. Keep making False Prophet podcasts on Ralph Stair! Thankyou, we appreciate the exposure of this fraud Ralph Stair and the rest of the crazies who still follow the current group of swindlers running that mess. Thankyou.

  2. I can’t help it I have to comment again. Brother Stan you do such a great job on your shows and podcasts on the Overcomer Ministries. Every minute I just wait to hear your comments, like when you play James Rice audio clips. Thankyou so much, from pete

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