Alex Newman & Dr. Carrie Madej – Covid Shots, DNA & Transhumanism

Last Updated on May 28, 2021


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4 thoughts on “Alex Newman & Dr. Carrie Madej – Covid Shots, DNA & Transhumanism

  1. This isn’t a good video player. It disconnected and I can’t move it to where I was watching it. So now I will have to miss watching the whole video. Very crazy, why would you use a stupid video player like this?

    1. No idea what you’re talking about. What browser are you using? When you scroll off the video it pops up in the lower right corner so you CAN keep watching it. If you’re wanting to watch it – don’t scroll down, or just put it in fullscreen.

    2. This “video player” is not ‘ours’ it’s Brand New Tube’s video player – It has simply embedded it on this page. There is no control over the video player. There has never been an issue with it or any other complaint about it.
      If you’re using Firefox’s Picture-in-Picture to move it… then that’s totally on your browser and has nothing to do with this site or the video player. Try another browser.

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